I had some unexpected visitors at my equally unexpected “garage” sale in Room 525 at the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino Hotel Saturday, February 18 just hours before I was scheduled to check out and ride on the Boudreaux Bus in the historical Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade in downtown Baton Rouge.

My unnamed South African friend and me

My collection of random garage sale items consisted of some of my dearly-beloved clothes and shoes I couldn’t force into my limited amount of luggage I was bringing with me the following day to South Korea where I had a one-year position teaching English to Korean students.

Not long after I announced the unusual sale to a few surprised and somewhat amused passersby down the hotel hallway and people I encountered in the elevator, 8 or 9 South African women, performers in a Zulu musical, were in my room trying on and buying up my discounted apparel, kindly helping me sort Mardi Gras beads, and harmoniously singing a most beautiful arrangement of a song I presume to be entitled “African Woman.”

As I was running desperately behind schedule, I was unable to complete a formal interview. So, wrote down a couple of their names for the purpose of connecting later on Facebook. I looked forward to finding out more about exactly where in South Africa they were from, their musical backgrounds and styles, and where they would be performing.

Also, I wanted to befriend them on Facebook because I realized I had just met not only an extraordinarily talented group, but new fun-loving and kind-hearted friends. I would have never had those beads organized and my suitcases packed in time for check out had it not been for their diligence!

Unfortunately, in my haste and knack for engaging in too many adventures at once, I lost the scrap of paper upon which I had written their beautiful yet impossible-to-remember names.

I have exhausted all resources and cannot find them anywhere. I’ve tried calling the hotel, but they had already checked out. I’ve tried searching on Facebook, and I’ve tried Googling the term “Zulu,” all to no avail.

If anyone can give me information on how to find this exceptionally talented group of women, I would be most appreciative.