The fences are down, the fountains are flowing, and the towering media beacon is broadcasting Christmas specials and holiday music in downtown Baton Rouge’s new Town Square!

Since opening on Sunday, downtown workers and guests have stopped to gaze at the new aesthetic presentation or to sit and relax while enjoying food from nearby restaurants.


Bar tables and chairs outline each side of the Town Lawn, providing a relaxing area for diners or anyone just wanting to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Taking a break from filming Arachnoquake, an upcoming science-fiction comedy, actor Brandon “Bug” Hall, former Alfalfa from the 1994 Little Rascals film, commented he was certainly impressed by his first visit to Baton Rouge. He said, “I got here and thought, what is this, Times Square?”

Matthew Taylor who works downtown said that the Town Square “makes downtown look nicer, newer and cleaner. Gives Baton Rouge a metropolitan look, like New York.”

Sitting in a circle of friends on the Town Lawn, Jason Hubbard said, “I like that there’s a grassy field to relax in.”

Moe Choumar, manager of North Boulevard’s Subway, expressed with a big smile his relief that the construction phase is finally over and the Town Square is ready for his customers to enjoy. He said, “Before it was very bad because business nearly stopped for one whole year, but now it is already getting better.” He added, “They did a good job. The scene is very good.”

After relaxing on the grassy green, Davis Rhorer, Executive Director of the Downtown Development District and a key contributor to the Town Square’s plans and implementation, stopped in front of the media beacon to take in a few minutes of a holiday movie favorite, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.


Relaxing in front of the Galvez Plaza stage, Davis Rhorer, Executive Director of the Downtown Development District, enjoys the results of long-term planning and implementation of North Boulevard Town Square.

Although impressive enough in its current state, Gabe Vicknair of the Downtown Development District said the project is not quite finished.

The plans in the next few weeks include adding a shelter for the transit hub along with street light standards and movable chairs and tables. Also, a canopy for the stage in Galvez Plaza will be constructed in late Spring.

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