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Stop, shop, and vote for your favorite story! When all the votes are in by Tuesday midnight, Red Stick Reader will publish all of the stories (Wednesday-Friday). The top three with the most votes will be full-length multimedia features including pictures, slide shows, videos, interviews and more.

Stories of the Week:

A Unique Jewelry Maker at the Farmer’s Market

“Circles Speak,” the necklace in the picture, was on display and for sale this weekend at the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on Main Street. The creator, whose works are showcased and sold throughout Louisiana, including the Rural Life Museum, describes this unique piece as “a trio of crocheted copper wire disks embellished with Swarovski crystals laced onto a soldered copper frame and suspended on a handmade copper chain.” Who is the talented maker of this exquisite jewelry and where can we go to see more of her one-of-a-kind, all hand-made jewelry collection? VOTE

A Little Rascal Visits 3rd Street

Who is this Little Rascal?

An actor who starred in the beloved, heart-warming 1994 film Little Rascals now has the leading role
in a science fiction comedy currently being filmed downtown, mostly on 3rd Street in front of Happy’s Irish Pub and The Roux House. Red Stick Reader obtained exclusive interviews from both the director and the former Little Rascal. Who is the actor and director and what do they have to say about their experiences in downtown Baton Rouge? VOTE

Multi-Talented Teens Perform at the Manship Theater

Talented teens practice before their sold-out concert in the Manship Theater!

Several teen bands were responsible for a sold-out concert Saturday night at the Manship Theater located in the Shaw Center for the Arts. Find out who these teens are, how and why they were invited to perform at Jazz Fest 2012 and how they are cultivating and refining their unique musical talents. VOTE

Festive Celebrations

Corbin Cherry proudly shows off his hard work!

Holiday activities were abounding, from making gingerbread houses to attending the classic Nutcracker ballet. Discover more about how downtown is enhancing Christmas celebrations as well as upcoming event descriptions, dates and times. VOTE

Town Square Completed

The Town Square under construction. What

What can downtown visitors expect to see and experience at Baton Rouge’s first Town Square now that the fences are down, the fountains are flowing, and the multi-screen media beacon is playing Christmas music and displaying cheers for LSU? VOTE

An Education in Downtown Parking

How much does it cost to park downtown?

What are the parking rules and parking costs for the downtown area? Are there any plans in the near future to create more parking spaces? In a Red Stick Reader interview, the Downtown Development District office provides answers. VOTE

Contest Corner: Whose Salad is It Anyway?


According to health experts at WebMD,Eating salad almost every day may be one of the most healthy eating habits you can adopt — and one of the simplest.”

A variety of salads from a few downtown restaurants.

Downtown restaurants are providing quite a few refreshing and healthy salad choices.

CLICK HERE TO see if you can match the salad to the appropriate restaurant. The first commentor to guess all six wins a FREE salad, compliments of Red Stick Reader!

**Red Stick Reader invites readers to offer story ideas, suggestions, photos, videos and anything else that may shed some light on our downtown!